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Can I still make money with online porn without having my own adult website?

Feb 012017

Can I still make money with online porn without having my own adult website?

Yes, you can. At first sight, the website might indicate that our url shortening and mass adult gallery dump service is only for webmasters (hosting their own websites). But that is certainly not the case.
Our service might be aimed at adult webmasters in general, but it is not restricted to webmasters only. Owning your own websites is not required to use the gallery submit form.

If I don’t host my own adult website, how can I still generate earnings by submitting gallery and video links?

The answer is pretty simple. There are two things you can do. You can either browse the web to search for some hot free content and simply copy and paste the link on the website. After shortening that link you can submit it to all our adult websites and you’ll be generating clicks (read $$$) right away.

It certainly helps to be creative with the gallery or video titles and descriptions upon submitting your links. Note: our search function only checks the title, so if you want your submitted gallery to be found when our users search for example ‘girlfriend’ or ‘selfshot’, make sure you use those keywords in the title when you submit your links. Otherwise you would be missing out on a lot of targeted visitors.

There are plenty websites offering adult galleries and videos. To get you in the right direction, here are a few examples: Imagefap, Pichunter, Thehun, Youporn, Pornhub.
Basically the key is to find some hot content, just copy and paste the link, upload a teasing gallery preview image, write a matching title and description (and use keywords) and wait until the cash flows in.

Sign up with affiliate sponsors and get paid per sale!

Another option is to sign up with affiliate partner programs that offer hosted galleries as promotional tool. Affiliate companies pay you either per sale or on revenue base. Not sure what it is? Here are a few examples of hosted galleries by affiliate sponsors including SeeMyBucks and Enjoybucks.

After signing up with one of the many sponsors, you can promote galleries like this (simply copy and paste the url with your tracking partner code to earn from every sale): Example 1, Example 2, Example 3

As you can see below, this would be the results after submitting the galleries (mentioned above) to the network: 

Results after submitting can be found here, here and here

A last option is in case you really need more freedom (think of ad placing, content etc), you can sign up with a free adult hosting service like (offering free wordpress hosting that requires no knowledge of hosting, or languages like html or php) and works for every newbie.

What are you waiting for? Submit all your porn galleries!


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